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Quick to set up, easy to run — and it gives results in just 30 minutes. The Dynamic Placement Test take the hard work out of determining each test taker’s CEFR level. The results are delivered to you online, with a fine-tuned numeric score.
Road to IELTS is co-published by British Council, encompassing online IELTS preparation program, offering a 100% digital experience.
Cultivating a Spectrum of Skills for Lifelong Learning. Engage with diverse text types, explore dynamic topics, and enhance skills such as prediction, vocabulary strategies, inference, skimming, and more.
Help your learners break through the grammar barrier with Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program.
Mastering Study Strategies and Academic English Excellence.
Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both in their studies and in their personal life.
Help your learners recognise and pronounce the 43 sounds of English through audio, video and interactive activities. Students work with each sound in isolation, in words, sentences and in authentic texts.
In this program students learn to put the 43 sounds of English together in clear, intelligible speech. The program covers consonant clusters, word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and intonation.
Arrivals in English is a beginner-level program designed to help newcomers adapt to life in their local community by teaching them essential, everyday English.
The Dynamic Speaking Test provides comprehensive reports on your test takers’ speaking proficiency based on the CEFR framework, using automated, AI-powered grading.
Admin Panel enables administrators and teachers to manage users, monitor usage, generate detailed reports, and set up tests — the ultimate time-saving tool.

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